Sacred Heart Awakening Crystal Sound Journey
April 24, 2019
June 1, 2019 @ 9:00 am – June 2, 2019 @ 4:30 pm
Wings and Me
266 Oak Avenue

The Universe has male and female expressions, and you are no different.
Signs that your feminine energy is blocked
You are controlling , hard and can’t express your emotions easily
OR You’re needy and show up as submissive
You intuition is blocked
You are manning up in relationship and you keep attracting men who treat you badly.
You are depressed and want to please everyone

Signs that your masculine is blocked :
You are dominating and aggressive
You are cold, distant and blocked
You don’t always speak your mind.
You are rigid and unaware
You find it difficult to connect to your children and partner

It is important to become aware of our masculine and feminine qualities within ourselves because everyday we require both these polarities to live a balanced , complete life.

Benefits of attending the workshop
Living in harmony with Masculine and Feminine within relationship at home , work or with friends.
The language of Love.
Balancing of the Feminine and Masculine Energies within our own being.
Understanding how the masculine and feminine see the world.
Divine Feminine and Masculine Practices, Self-Empowerment.
Releasing Limiting beliefs we hold about men and women
Sacred Feminine , Wisdom of the Womb and Menstrual Cycles.
Releasing of negative emotional baggage and past relationships.
Attracting a partner that is most aligned to you.
Food Types for Divine Feminine and Masculine
How we use language , Feminine and Masculine words for effective communication
Healthy Sexual Union
Kundalini Awakening – Spiritual Masculine and Feminine Union of Life Force


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