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Grounding For Ascension


complete guide to grounding techniques – manual


Grounding is the act of balancing your spiritual and physical energy by connecting yourself with the earth.

It’s awesome to know how to ground yourself because it brings your attention to the here and now and makes you feel like you’re truly present (mindful). And I think we’d all agree that it’s getting increasingly harder to be present these days with the bazillion things on our to-do list!

Grounding is great for anyone, but knowing how to ground yourself is an especially important practice for energy workers, mediums, psychics, and those having a psychic or spiritual awakening.

When I first started developing my psychic gifts, no one taught me about grounding and how important it is.

And OH, it was LONG and wacky psychic development class with a lot of shaking and crying that left me wondering, why am I feeling like this?!  Anyhoo…

If you’re doing any kind of energy work (including readings and psychic development practice) and have any of the following feelings when you do, you need to learn how to ground yourself:

•tired (IF JASON MOMOA walked into the room AND  you’d still want to sleep)
•feel like you are floating
Knowing how to ground yourself can help relieve the excess energy to get you back in touch with the earth and your physical body.

Thankfully, there are grounding techniques to help us get and stay rooted in our bodies. The grounding techniques covered in this guide can:

Clear your mind,

Recharge your energy,

Strengthen your instincts

Calm your emotions.


Now it’s time to get your spiritual grounding groove on using this comprehensive, easy to read manual!

Tip: What works today may not work as well tomorrow and vice versa. So every morning choose intuitively one of the techniques from the provided list based on how you feel.

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