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January 31, 2019
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January 31, 2019

Hypnosis & Regression


Session duration is 1 hour



Spiritual Hypnosis focuses on working through and coming to terms with the emotional causes of physical or mental limitations. In addition, the experiences of the soul, play an important role along with the inadequately experienced, ignored, or even repressed and denied emotions.

Spiritual hypnosis offers the following:

  • Self-awareness: Attain an overview of how you are generally doing, and what aspects of your being (body, mind, soul) and the associated emotions need your special attention to regain a sense of harmony, balance and inner satisfaction.
  • Body Wisdom: Gain a deep understanding as to why physical or mental limitations occur, what does the message of limitation means, and under which conditions these problems are ready to heal.

Both approaches follow an analytical-systemic, holistic approach.

In connecting with our inner self and making use of the body’s innate wisdom, we build a stronger relationship to our own needs, weaknesses, and the, almost, unlimited potential of our holistic self. For our own health, we can only make full use of this potential, such as laying a solid foundation and supporting healing process of body, mind, and soul, if we learn to listen, observe and come to terms with oneself.



There are many reasons why people choose to do a regression. Many want this experience because they are interested in it and/or want to find out who they were earlier. Others wonder about spiritual or religious aspects or are searching for the meaning of their current life by means of a regression.

We can essentially distinguish between two types of regressions:

  • Past life regression
  • Life between lives regression(i.e. to the life between death and reincarnation)

Both regression types afford us the opportunity to retrieve one’s own soul experiences and integrating them into our current life. The purpose is not to prove or refute whether our perceptions during a trance came from actual (historical) memories. The primary task is to recognize, understand, forgive, and let go.. This processing at a higher level and internalizing makes it possible to heal emotionally and affords us the opportunity to accept our own life more intensely.

Main differences between the two types of regressions

  • Past life regression: We embark upon a journey along the axis of time— our soul’s past. We find out who we once were and what we were like, which lessons we have learned, and what consequences this has had or should have for our current life.
  • Life between lives regressions: We take a trip to the present in our spiritual home – a homecoming that crosses the dimensions. We realize who we are today and why, what our current life objective is, what the purpose of our current life is, who our soul mates are, and which corrections we should make to our course. Furthermore, we recognize larger coherences, which help us to be one with ourselves and existence.

Be prepared for a magnificent journey!

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