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May 20, 2019
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Kriyashakti For Prosperity and Success


1 hour


Kriyashakti® is a Sanskrit word which means “using the power of thought to manifest things in the physical plane”. We are the sum total of our previous decisions and actions. These include our thoughts and emotions. Kriyashakti® trains you how to actively create thoughts and emotions that are conducive to attracting prosperity and abundance. Kriyashakti® also mean “materialization through purification”. Kriyashakti® also trains you how to avoid creating negative thoughts and conditions that manifest hardships and disasters. You will also learn how to use energy and willpower to destroy hindering thought forms and beliefs. Prosperity is a type of energy and therefore it follows the principles of energy such as attraction and repulsion. To achieve a higher degree of prosperity and abundance therefore, there should be enough prosperity energy in you. Inner sciences in fact propose techniques and practices that enable people attract and store prosperity energy and thereby become more prosperous in the physical world. There is a saying that what you plant in the inner world, you will harvest in the physical world.

“Use the Spiritual Approach. When you change the Inner World, you change the physical world.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

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