February 12, 2019
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April 25, 2019

Trauma Counselling


Session 1hr

Price depends on scope of work


Trauma is defined as a unique individual experience triggered by a sudden, external overwhelming event or of persistent overwhelming conditions in which one’s ability to cope is compromised, as one experiences a real or perceived threat to his/her life, bodily integrity, or that of a significant other. A few examples include Rape, Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Mental), Near Death Experiences, Accidents, Hijacking , Sudden Death, Murder, Robbery, Suicide and any other type of Severe Loss or Trauma.

This type of counselling assists with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) both for private and corporate clients. It assists the affected persons to heal and recover over a period of time with continuous therapy in order to integrate and live a full life once again.

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