Valentina Cortini

About Valentina

Italian-born Valentina Cortini is a renowned international businesswoman who spent 24 years of her life in Kenya and eventually moved to South Africa in 2017. From Head of Corporate and Lead Interior Designer with a growing business portfolio, she has now committed to helping others on their spiritual paths.
Valentina’s path began when she started reading Tarot in 2014, but her spiritual journey was fast-tracked when she moved to SA where she studied Crystal Healing and began Channeling and Deep Trance Channeling. It was during one of these channelings that she was guided to establish a Healing Sanctuary and Wellness Centre, the result of which is Wings and Me. This Soul Centre also caters for healers who are looking for healing and guidance, as for anyone looking to find the path to personal growth and enlightenment.

She has since developed an online Instant Manifestation Class and her revolutionary Transformation Therapy Course, now helping hundreds of people healing from their emotional trauma. She is also holding an international Certificate In Pranic Energy Healing and a distinction in Dreams Interpretation. 

Valentina is the ultimate Healers’ Healer, always available to lend an ear to listen and spiritually guided into finding solutions.